Casa Ristorante Italiano – Darling Harbour

Located in King Street Wharf, we’ve been coming here for a few times. Why not? Overlooking Sydney Harbour, this spacious venue has great decor with a relaxing ambience.

With a large seating area, they can easily accommodate large groups of people.

There were several dishes that I tried from my visits.

Let’s start with the entree, Calamari.

It was awesome! Tender calamari with a crispy coating that was served with creamy and irresistible aioli.

What a great start!

As for the main, both their pastas ( Pappardelle Lamb Ragu and Fettucine Gamberi) didn’t disappoint to say the least.

Generously portioned, they will delight any pasta lovers out there 🙂

My personal favourite of all, however, was the Crispy Pork Belly.

It was superb! Crispy crackling with juicy and succulent meat. Highly recommend.

Of course, the meals won’t be complete without some sweetness at the end. If you love chocolate, you have to try their Chocolate BrĂ»lĂ©e Dome. This dessert has truly wonderful flavours, textures and balance. It was beautifully plated and tasted divine!

For classic comfort food, try their Sticky Date Pudding.

So rich and indulgent, every spoonful was a delight. The nuts complemented the whole dish perfectly and the pudding had perfect consistency.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the mandatory items, the drinks! I really loved their iced coffee. Strong coffee, the way I like it.

As for the cocktail, I tried one of their Signature Cocktails, Mojito Lychee Rose.

I found it to be very good with perfect sweetness. Would drink again.

All in all we always have a great dining experience here.

*Foodblogs dined as a guest of King Street Wharf.

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