SaltVine – Surry Hills

Welcome to SaltVine Lebanese Tapas & Cocktail Bar at Surry Hills.

This venue has a great vibe with beautiful decor throughout.

It has black as the dominant colour and a touch of colourful ‘tiles’ on the pillar, bar and also the dining table located outside.

The showcase of beautiful drinks in the bar definitely gives off a ‘wow’ factor when you walk in to the venue.

SaltVine serves a wide variety of exciting menus so you won’t leave here hungry! They also cater for customers who look for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free dishes.

We’ve had several dishes and all were delicious.

We started with Charred Eggplant.

Definitely a healthy and tasty start!

Next we continued with the Syrian String Cheese Cigar.

I love how they are crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside. The flavours are distinctively tasty for sure and that coriander and tomato harissa, top notch!

We continued with the famous Falafel.

Crispy, golden and delicious. The herbed tahini yoghurt definitely makes everything even better!

Before coming here I was intrigued to try their Arnabeet.

This Fried Cauliflower was ‘different’ and without a doubt, one of the most unique dishes I’ve tasted so far this year.

Definitely makes eating cauliflower exciting!

You’ll get a combination of sweet, tangy and creamy flavours in one mouthful. You gotta try and experience it 🙂

And here come the mains!

First we had the Samkhe Harra (Chargrilled Barramundi).

I really enjoyed this fresh and perfectly cooked barramundi. The combination of tahini dressing and walnut butter, pickled chilli and coriander is just perfect. I really adored that creamy walnut butter, totally awesome!

Scotch Meshwi was next (Grilled Scotch Fillet).

Oh wow, love this combination of merguez spices, carrot puree and paprika butter. The highlight for me is definitely the paprika butter. First time I had it and I fell in love…

This Scotch Meshwi was my dish of the day!

Last but certainly not least… Lebanese Dessert!

We chose Baklava ice cream.

It’s a bit sweeter than usual for my taste buds, but hey.. it’s baklava!

The combination of flavours and textures are amazing. Crispy baklava pastry and delicious ice cream served with lots of pistachios, divine!

If you visit SaltVine, you have to leave some space for this dessert.

Or you can even just go there for this, totally worth it!

Overall, we had an amazing dining experience as everything was delicious and spot on!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of SaltVine.
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