Vivaldi Kitchen – Matraville

The day we had dinner in ‘Italy’…

Welcome to Vivaldi Kitchen, a family run Restaurant in Matraville. The venue is quite unique, with an open plan area, high ceilings and industrial looking decor.

There is no separation between the kitchen and the dining room so you can kinda see and hear the action happening in the kitchen (it would help if you understand Italian :).

Vivaldi also has a variety of amazing drinks to accompany the great Italian food they serve.

We were very fortunate to be able to chat with the owner, Raffaelle and also Sebastian. It was very obvious how passionate they are with what they are doing. We learned so much more about Italian food and its culture from them.

As Vivaldi’s manager, Raffaelle even left his job at a bank to fully concentrate on running his restaurant.

While waiting for the meals we sipped on Italian soft drinks.

Both drinks are so unique and refreshing.

Our starter was one from their Chef’s Special menu.

How good does this Fried Stuffed Zucchini look?

Oh boy! Crispy coating on the outside and tender zucchini flowers and baby zucchini on the inside.

Love the part when I bite into the cheesy part from the four cheese.. Delizioso!

Of course we had to try their wood-fired pizza. Raffaelle recommended us to try their Pizza Piccantina which is rare and definitely not your everyday pizza.
We were then invited to see how the pizza is made from the start to the end.

Sebastian described that their pizza is fully wood-fired using the best wood and their pizza is not baked (even partly) in the oven.

It was exciting to see the whole process and the pizza is ready in quite a short time.

It’s now time to dig in!

Aaahh… This pizza is seriously very unique and definitely a top notch dish!

With perfect crispness from the base, delicious and bold flavours from the toppings.. divine!
And that chilli oil.. brings the pizza to the next level!

Next is Pasta time!
I chose Pappardelle Alla Boscaiola ’cause that’s one of my all time favourites.

Wow! It was spot on!
The pasta is cooked al dente with perfect creaminess in the sauce. Mushrooms and crispy prosciutto were given generously and I love how it’s not overly creamy.
Definitely one of the best I’ve had.

Even though the phrase says ‘Life is Short, Eat Dessert First’, we decided to have it at the end as we wanted to end the meal with a sweet note.

When I asked Raffaelle about the dessert, he said that he could be so biased ’cause he loves them all, but the Neapolitan Cake, especially, has a special place in his heart. During his childhood his mum only made this cake for the special holiday season, only twice a year! Now he can happily have it everyday! Of course we had to try this cake.

And yes! It was a beautiful cake. It’s dense in a good way and the cake has a very nice flavour. Served with a shot of homemade limoncello. Yum!

Our second dessert is Cannolo Siciliano.

This popular Italian dessert is definitely decadent.
With crispy pastries, creamy & delicious ricotta filling and an amazing candied orange flavour, I highly recommend you to have this on your visit to Vivaldi Kitchen.

Overall we had an amazing dining experience here at Vivaldi Kitchen. Not only the venue is great and food is perfect, with their hospitality and story telling about Italian cuisine and its culture, we felt like dining with family.
It’s totally worth a visit!

Totally agree with what they said on their menu: “Una Sinfonia Di Sapori’, as their dishes are truly showing ‘A Symphony of Flavours’.

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Ompty Media.
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