Entrata – Glenhaven

Finding a hidden gem is always exciting.
That’s exactly what we felt when we found an enticing hidden gem in the Hills District of Sydney.

Quietly nestled among the quiet surrounding neighbourhood in Glenhaven, this restaurant overlooks a laid-back and beautiful bushland setting.

Despite looking just like an ordinary house from the outside, inside you’ll find an elegant and stylish restaurant that is ready to cater for all your personal or business events.

Having been in the business for about 18 months, this family owned and operated restaurant opens from Wednesday to Sunday.

So, welcome to Entrata.

Just like us, you’ll experience traditional Italian dining that brings the roots of old Italy with a modern influence.

We started our journey with strong and aromatic coffee from Vittoria.

The indoor seating is very stylish and sophisticated with a charming homey ambiance.

But we opted for the outdoor seating on this particular visit. The weather was perfect!

The lush green surroundings take you back to nature, and nothing beats the combination of a gorgeous day and live music from two talented musicians.

While sipping on our coffee we totally enjoyed the scenic view and the soft breeze from the afternoon wind.

Our first dish was the Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with roasted vegetables and red wine reduction.

Delightfully plated, this impressive dish really made us go “Wow!” when it arrived on our table.

The herbs and lamb are match made in heaven. The lamb is succulent, the vegetables are tender and the red wine reduction is just perfect. What a wonderful harmony of flavours!

Next is the Charcoal Grilled 400gr Premium Australian Rib Eye steak on the bone.

The steak is thick, juicy and cooked to perfection.

Served with roasted vegetables, infused green peppercorn & e.v.o.o, I personally love the fact that they keep the bone in. It really enhances the wonderful flavour of the beef. You’ll soon be a rib eye fanatic with this hearty dish!

Last, but definitely not least is the mouth-watering Crumbed Pork Cutlet with mash potato, salad and lemon cream sauce.

It’s absolutely delicious. The crumb give the cutlet a great crunch and I love how moist the cutlet is on the inside. Having it with the creamy mash potato gives a nice different texture to the dish whilst the salad adds extra freshness.

Served with the lemon cream sauce that is spot on, it’s love at first bite and is easily becoming our family’s favourite dish.

Overall, our visit was excellent, from the food to the atmosphere to the impeccable service.

Highly recommend this restaurant/bar for any occasion. Entrata is definitely worth paying a visit. Trust me, you will not regret it!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Entrata.
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Fortune King Seafood – Beverly Hills, NSW

Located in Beverly Hills, Sydney, this Seafood Restaurant serves a variety of Cantonese style dishes.

As one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Sydney (over 30 years and counting), you can be sure to be served fresh and tasty dishes. They serve good wine too!

Like most traditional Chinese dining, dishes are shared communally using round tables.

They have off street parking as well as 9 parking spots at the rear of the restaurant.

On this visit we tasted several of their popular dishes (lobster with ginger and shallot, special fried rice, honey & black pepper pork ribs and salted egg calamari).

We started with this mouth-watering special fried rice..

Then the salted egg calamari.

So good! Sinfully delicious dish that you will surely love. Definitely a must try.

Lobster with ginger and shallot:

Big, succulent and perfectly cooked lobster served with flavourful ginger and shallot sauce. Woke up my taste buds for sure.

Last but not least, pork ribs with honey and black pepper sauce.

Sweet and sticky delicious with a subtle kick from the black pepper, it’s so easy to love this dish. Those pork ribs are addicting!

It’s worth to mention that all dishes are generously portioned so you won’t leave hungry.

Oh, and one more thing. Their xo sauce is top notch!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Fortune King Seafood.
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Chop Buntut Cak Yo – Lippo Mall Puri, Puri Indah, Jakarta

We’ve been wanting to try this venue for a while. Finally we had the opportunity to visit this place.

Located inside Lippo Mall Puri, this venue offers many exciting dishes including their signature dish: Sup Buntut (ox-tail soup).

The vibe is casual and family friendly, with a pretty spacious dining area dominated with yellow gold and black colours.

They have a menu that is really eye-catching and looks delicious. Well priced too!

As a starter we ordered Bakso Tahu Goreng. Not bad.

The Nasi Bakar Babat Kikil that we ordered is generously portioned and delicious, even though it’s a bit too spicy for my liking.

Their noodles looked so good on the menu that we had to order one.

We picked Noodle with iga. Despite its small portion, I love it!

The next dish is Nasi Goreng Bakar – Bakso Buntut. Really flavoursome and definitely our favourite dish that we ordered another one!

We had to try their signature dish Sop Buntut and we picked the Sop Buntut Special. Yum.

Their cold desserts are so appetising that we had to finish our meals with a sweet note. And one is not enough so we ordered two (es campur and taro ice jelly).

Wow! Delish.

Served with ice cream, these mixed shaved ice desserts are so fun to eat, refreshing and delightful.

We really enjoyed all the meals and we’re sure that there will be another visit in the future.

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Neo Mangga Dua Square – Neo Mangga Dua Hotel, Jakarta

When you see a promotion for all-you-can-eat Indonesian food for such a low price, how can you resist?

So here we are, a group of 9 going to Neo Mangga Dua Hotel to satisfy our cravings for delicious Indonesian food.

In terms of first impressions, the hotel decor gives off a casual, family friendly vibe, with multicoloured seating and wooden-panelled walls. Floaty grey curtains further open up the space and increase natural light.

For only Rp. 45.000 per person, you can enjoy a large variety of Indonesian food including savoury main dishes, lesehan style street food and traditional hot and cold sweet dessert.

There is also a variety of fresh fruit and a selection of drink options, including mixed juice and mineral water.

There’s also rujak (Indonesian fruit salad with palm sugar sauce)!

All are mouth-watering. My favourite has to be the Lesehan Djogja stand. You are served by a lady wearing traditional Indonesian clothing (kebaya).

From the Lesehan Djogja, I love the chicken white curry, Javanese sweet marinated tofu & tempeh and the deep fried tempeh and vegetables. Having it with pecel sauce (traditional Javanese salad sauce), yum!

I also adore the cold dessert (es gerobak). The different ingredients needed are displayed in clear bowls with ladles for easy serving. Ice is provided. Refreshing and delightful.

If you prefer hot dessert, they also have a variety of sweet treats. The kolak is amazing. It has stewed banana and palm fruit and you can add on coconut milk to adjust the sweetness to your liking. On top of that they also have bubur sum sum (Indonesian sweet coconut rice porridge) and mung beans porridge.

The hardest thing is to choose which one to eat first as I want them all!

The sweet corner is appetising..

… as well as the unlimited krupuk (crackers)!

I finished off with the fresh brewed coffee that is strong and aromatic.

I highly recommend you to try this Indonesian buffet. With such a low price, happiness is guaranteed!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Neo Mangga Dua Square.

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Sate Khas Senayan – Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

Located in Pondok Indah Mall 2, Jakarta, this popular Restaurant boasts an elegant and spacious dining area.

The decor has a traditional Indonesian vibe with wood as the dominant material.

Just like what they printed on their menu, they offer simple but timeless traditional dishes and street food under one roof.

We started with our all-time favourite Tahu Telor (beancurd omelette). Generously portioned, I love the omelette’s crispy outer layer and the tasty sauce. It’s a must try if you visit this Restaurant.

We continued with Nasi Kuning Campur (turmeric rice with assorted meat and vegetables). This dish is really fun to eat as you get a variety of condiments to be enjoyed with the aromatic turmeric rice. The rice could have been more ‘coconutty’ in my opinion though.

The next dish was Tongseng (lamb stew) which was creamy, sweet and delicious. I just wish there’s more meat in the stew.

One of my other favourite dishes is Nasi Bakar (grilled rice wrapped in banana leaves). It’s something different and delicious and the sambal is top notch.

Tahu Kipas (fried stuffed beancurd with prawn and vegetables) is a great option if you prefer something lighter.

We had a lovely dining experience overall and I recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for delicious traditional dishes.

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Grand Marco Seafood – Green Ville, Jakarta

This Seafood restaurant is a must try if you love seafood. You can pick fresh seafood and choose how you want it cooked. The menu is quite exciting with some unique signature dishes.

The seating area is pretty spacious with air-conditioning. Almost every dish that we ordered was delicious. They even give you free unlimited ‘sayur asam’ (which is so flavourful btw).

My favourite dishes:

Crispy calamari: so crispy and crunchy. One of the best crispy calamari I’ve ever had!

Grilled prawn with sweet soy sauce: prawn is perfectly grilled and the sauce is top notch.

Steamed snapper ‘masak saos nyonya’: this signature dish is everyone’s favourite. The sauce is sweet, sour and distinctively delicious.

Black pepper crab: oh wow! To die for. The crab is perfectly cooked and the sauce is thick, sweet, spicy and flavoursome. I can happily eat the sauce by itself with steamed rice.

Deep fried alu-alu fish: simple but with a mouth-watering flavour and so crispy! Served with tasty sambal that I can’t get enough of.

We had a very nice dining experience here despite the waiting time that was a bit long.

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Aroma Gelato – Senayan City, Jakarta

Located on the lower ground floor in Senayan City, this outlet is a great option if you wanna have an indulgent sweet treat or a cup of coffee.

Born in Italy, and handmade daily, you can be sure to get an awesome aRoma Gelato experience here.

Their decor is simple yet elegant with black and white as the dominant colours. They have a cozy seating area if you wanna wind down, relax.

Being a coffee lover, I had to try their popular Affogato. I love that you can ask for free gelato tasting before deciding which flavours you’d like to indulge in. And believe me, choosing just one flavour is not an easy task as almost all flavours are to die for!

After tasting several mouth-watering flavours, I had to go with the coffee flavour for my affogato.

I know, coffee gelato mixed with espresso might be too much for some. But I can’t resist the intense coffee flavour in their gelato. Too good to miss..

The affogato is so delightful as expected! Creamy and indulgent gelato mixed with strong espresso.. divine!

Along with the affogato we also ordered hot cappucino and americano. Love how they presented the coffee. Served on an elegant aRoma wooden board with a delightful cookie next to it, you feel even more spoiled.

And the coffee is great!

Our dining experience at aRoma gelato was lovely and we’re sure you will have a great experience here too.

La dolce vita!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Aroma Gelato Senayan City.
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Aroma Gelato – Pondok Indah Mall, Pondok Indah, Jakarta

I’ve been intrigued to try Aroma Gelato for a while. So when I came to Jakarta I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try this Italian gelato.

It’s great to know that this popular gelato is handmade and 100% natural.

This fairly new outlet is located on the 2nd floor in Pondok Indah Mall 2. You can easily find their cute gelato cart with a seating area at the back if you prefer to dine there.

At the moment they have a Year End Special as well as Holiday Special deals. Irresistible offers indeed.

With many flavours to choose from (some are very unique), the experience will definitely be more exciting!

During this visit we had the 3 flavour Medio Cup..

.. and also the 2 flavour Piccolo Cone.

What an awesome gelato experience! The highlights are definitely the softness of the gelato and the flavoursome taste. My number one favourite flavour has to be Apple pie. I also adore hazelnut, vanilla and caramel. So creamy and indulgent. If you prefer a fresh and tangy flavour, you gotta try the lemon kemangi.

It’s definitely worth a visit!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Aroma Gelato Pondok Indah.
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Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart – Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

Being a cheese lover I’ve been wanting to try Hokkaido baked cheese tart for a while. When I passed their outlet in Pondok Indah Mall and saw that they have a promotion (buy 5 get 1 free), I had a good excuse to try.

I bought all three flavours: original, chocolate and red bean.

I love having them hot. The crust is crispy and the cheese is warm and gooey. So delicious and indulgent! My favourite has to be the original one.

I highly recommend you to try this Hokkaido baked cheese tart as it’s so good!

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Gaya Gelato – Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

Gaya Gelato is a fairly new outlet located in the street gallery of Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Love the decor that gives a calm and trendy vibe with blue/grey dominant colours. The seating area is also quite spacious with a lovely homey feeling.

The gelato is a truly Italian artisan gelato and 100% natural.

During this visit I not only tried their gelato, but also the coffee and cookies.

The gelato is amazing and it has an intense and delicious flavour without being overly sweet. My favourites are the mango, pistachio and peanut butter & salted caramel. So good and addicting!

Their coffee is strong (the way I like it) and I don’t mind at all the bonus cookie served with it 🙂

They also have a large variety of cookies in tubs and it took me a while to just pick one tub.

I finally picked the pack with a combination of peanut cookies and peanut/chocolate cookies. Both are good, especially the chocolate one.

It’s a lovely dining experience overall.

Thank you Gaya Gelato!

* Foodblogs dined as guests of Gaya Gelato Pondok Indah.
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